Time for the Bow and Arrow Cast!

The Bow and Arrow Cast has to be one of my favorite techniques in all of fly fishing. Every time I fish, it doesn't matter where, the opportunity to use this cast presents itself. I think these are the situations that most fisherman pass up in fear of loosing their flies, but you can guarantee if it is tough to cast there is probably a fish hiding there. This video doesn't show much technique, but Jason Borger teaches the Bow and Arrow Cast in an article here. Check it out to add one more deadly casting weapon to your arsenal!


Images and Pocket Guides in Rainy’s Catalog

Rainy's 2012 catalog is hot off the press with various entomology pictures of mine mixed throughout it's pages. Even more exciting is that since Rainy's is the distributor of my Streamside Pocket Guides, they too are in the catalog which will be distributed to fly shops around the world! Exciting stuff! 
















Egan’s Frenchie Fly Pattern

If I had to fish the rest of my life with only a few fly patterns, this would definately be one of them. I catch more fish each year on this fly then on any other fly I fish. Devin Olsen of Fly Fishing Team USA introduced it to me, and due to the ease of tying and the effectivness on the stream, this is hands down one of the best flies around. Below is an instructional video on tying the Frenchie, or if you prefer to buy your flies they are available at www.flytying123.com



Congrats Fly Fishing Team USA!

This year's fly fishing world championship wrapped up in Italy today. Team USA finished 5th overall, which is their best team placing ever. Individual Team USA finishes include 6th Lance Egan, 11th Devin Olsen, and 12th Norman Maktima. Nice work guys, way to represent our country!

You can see the rest of the results as they are posted at:



Gas Station Mayfly Hatch

As I traveled to the Provo this week I stopped to gas up in Brigham City around 10:00 pm and the pumps were covered in mayflies. I'm sure I looked rediculous walking around the pumps snapping pics, but I'm a big enough entomology nut that I enjoyed it. 

The Provo fished very well this week and I had two of my best days of the year. I fished the middle three days and the fish were very hungry and willing. The high water this spring was great for the fish as they are all strong and in great shape. Can't wait to get back out there!


Hams Fork Hopper Fishing

The day started off with a 19" rainbow slamming a hopper. Not a bad way to kick things off, and fortunately for us our luck continued. I would not have considered it "fast" fishing, but we were able to carefully work the water and produce some very nice fish for our efforts. Half the fish hit the hopper, while the other half ate small nymphs dropped below. The Hams Fork is a fantastic river to fish in southwestern Wyoming, and the rainbows are some of the feistiest I have caught in a while. Although much of the river is private you can pay a local rancher $10 to fish much of the river. It is worth the small payment in exchange for some excellent opportunities at very large healthy trout.


Fish Early on the Provo River

I had some incredible days on the Provo this week, but one thing remained constant- the crowds were crazy! With the long runoff and delayed season it seems everyone has come out at once. Thats why I am recommending to anyone who plans on fishing any stretch of the Provo to start early and get to good water first, or your day may be spent hiking instead of fishing.

On a positive note, the river is fishing very well right now with small stones, PMDs, and caddis hatching constantly throughout the day. All hatches are in full bloom, and even if they are put to shame by the angler hatch that is ever so present right now the fishing is great.


Night Fishing on the Provo River

So last week I did something that I have very little experience in, night fishing. Kohler and I went to the Middle Prove just before dark and fished right up to midnight. We were pounding the banks and soft spots in the river looking for big browns. However, our lack of experience and fright of the dark (mostly since a black bear has recently been sighted where we were fishing) caught up with us so we didn’t cover much water. Even with all our inaptitudes we each managed to pull out a few nice browns. I will definitely do this again soon, and hopefully I’ll have a little more courage to wander off in the dark.

Streamers of choice: Black S. Dungeon and Olive Sculpzilla

Toothy Tiger Muskies!

This year I have been throwing prototype muskie flies for Rainy's Flies which gives me the opportunity to fish many different flavors. There are a few patterns that out shine the others, and many are Nick Granato patterns. The fly pictured above is the Ghetto Tramp. Rainy's already manufactures some of his popular patterns such as El Chupacabra and Sasquatch, in many varieties, all of which I highly recommend.

If your not familiar with tiger muskie, they are a cross between a northern pike and a muskellunge. They are super aggressive fish that have an outlaw attitude to match their size and voracious teeth. Like muskellunge they are considered a "fish of a thousand casts" because of the difficulty they present while fishing. Most mornings I fish, I will have muskie after muskie follow my fly all the way to the shore and deny my offering at the very last minute. At least their alligator size keeps my interest even when few or no fish are being caught.

Fly Fishing T.V. Debut

A few months ago Justin and I had the opportunity of guiding Hooked on Utah (outdoor adventure T.V. show) on the Middle Provo. It was a cool experience, and we all had a real good time. There are four segment to watch from our trip (all below). Check them all out, and enjoy!