Fly Fishing Techniques

Euro Nymphing the Oneida Narrows

Here is a great demonstration of the effectiveness of Euro Nymphing. This is my friend Brad Hansen, and as you will see he had a great day fishing the Narrows. Check out the updated Euro Nymphing page to see a basic leader setup for this style of  nymphing.


Time for the Bow and Arrow Cast!

The Bow and Arrow Cast has to be one of my favorite techniques in all of fly fishing. Every time I fish, it doesn't matter where, the opportunity to use this cast presents itself. I think these are the situations that most fisherman pass up in fear of loosing their flies, but you can guarantee if it is tough to cast there is probably a fish hiding there. This video doesn't show much technique, but Jason Borger teaches the Bow and Arrow Cast in an article here. Check it out to add one more deadly casting weapon to your arsenal!