Fly Fishing Utah

New Camera!

This last year I have been enjoying my Canon T2i. Its such a nice camera, and the quality of the pics is amazing! However, I often find myself fishing when I don't want to bring such an expensive piece of equipment out on the river. I have been without a point and shoot for a few months, but as of this week that has changed. I just got a new Olympus Stylus Tough 8010. Its a sharp looking camera, and I hope it will deliver pics as good or better than my old Stylus 1050 that I loved. The underwater capabilities are a must, and this camera has many  other bells and whistles. If you can't tell I'm very excited to have it for the days the T2i needs to stay home.

Pictures coming soon…


The Rainbow Charm

The middle Provo has been off the hook as of late, and I've had the opportunity of guiding some great people. A client, Dennis, was telling me about a rainbow he caught years ago in Montana that was etched in his memory forever. When I told him that along with brown trout, and whitefish, the middle Provo is home to a number of rainbow trout he got excited. They are the rarest catch of the three salmonids in the stream, but not impossible to come by. As we began the day I could tell that he had one species on his mind, and no matter how good of a guide I am I can't take credit for the fact that the first fish of the day was this awesome rainbow. Just Dennis' luck I guess. In appreciation of being Dennis' best rainbow to date, she (the fish) stood up on tail for the pic, and immediately after she took a bow. Just one more reason to fish the Provo, we have very talented fish here:)


The Giver of my Time

I'm such a sucker for turkey and gravy, so yes I'm excited it's Thanksgiving once again. It always returns sometime between really good fall trout fishing, and solitary majestic winter fishing. This year, for the first time, we are spending Thanksgiving with family in Mesa, AZ. Its great, the sun is warm, the company is great, and the food will be amazing (always is). And although yesterday afternoon I found myself fishless, stripping leaches and streamers through the pools of a thirsty Lower Salt River, I couldn't help but reflect on how fortunate I am! I don't know how often I tell acquaintances that I fish a minimum of once a week, and usually more (often much more) than that. Their jaws drop, and their eyes bulge every time. "I'm lucky to make it out once a month!" is a common reply. That's why I can't help but be thankful for my wife who allows me so much time on the water. Even if fishing with me isn't on her list of favorite things to do, at least she understands and supports my addiction. So this Thanksgiving I'm especially grateful for my sweet wife for, among MANY other things, the time I'm allowed to fish. Thanks babe! You truly are the best!

Ensinada Mexico where she out fished everyone on the boat. At this point in our marriage this yellow tail was the largest fish either of us had ever caught. Thank goodness for a trip to Alaska that helped me get back on top!

A few years ago, upon meeting Jon Voight he looked us over and said "How did YOU end up with her?" I agree, and I'm still not sure how I got so lucky!

Proof of really meeting Jon Voight. See, I wasn't lying about that so you can believe my fish stories too… well most of them anyway!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Bear River Smallmouth Bass

Typically I reserve the month of November for trout fishing due to cooler water temps, and the aggressive pre-winter feeding trout display. However, this year I have found myself catching other species such as these smallmouth bass. Below one of our local impoundments I found a few willing fish that had an appetite for one of Gallop's black S. Dungeons. The only effective technique was a deep slow retrieve with this large articulated streamer. It proved to be a fun deviation from my usual late season routine.


Tiger Muskies- Fall Frenzy!

It has been very fun this fall fishing for tiger muskie. We have seen fewer fish than in the spring, but more fish have been willing to eat the fly. I'm sure they can feel winter creeping up which means its time to pack on the calories! I can't get enough of watching a fish the size of a small gator chase and smash a seven inch wigling combination of flash, feathers, and fur! Addicting! As the open water draws to an end I'm forced to accept the fact that its going to be a long winter. Dreams of  the MANY spectacular follows and the few, but engraving takes on the fly will carry me through till spring. It has been a fun year chasing these spectacular slabs of muscle and aggression, and I already can't wait for June when things pick back up!

Have I mentioned yet that I LOVE my new camera?!

Gas Station Mayfly Hatch

As I traveled to the Provo this week I stopped to gas up in Brigham City around 10:00 pm and the pumps were covered in mayflies. I'm sure I looked rediculous walking around the pumps snapping pics, but I'm a big enough entomology nut that I enjoyed it. 

The Provo fished very well this week and I had two of my best days of the year. I fished the middle three days and the fish were very hungry and willing. The high water this spring was great for the fish as they are all strong and in great shape. Can't wait to get back out there!


Fish Early on the Provo River

I had some incredible days on the Provo this week, but one thing remained constant- the crowds were crazy! With the long runoff and delayed season it seems everyone has come out at once. Thats why I am recommending to anyone who plans on fishing any stretch of the Provo to start early and get to good water first, or your day may be spent hiking instead of fishing.

On a positive note, the river is fishing very well right now with small stones, PMDs, and caddis hatching constantly throughout the day. All hatches are in full bloom, and even if they are put to shame by the angler hatch that is ever so present right now the fishing is great.


Night Fishing on the Provo River

So last week I did something that I have very little experience in, night fishing. Kohler and I went to the Middle Prove just before dark and fished right up to midnight. We were pounding the banks and soft spots in the river looking for big browns. However, our lack of experience and fright of the dark (mostly since a black bear has recently been sighted where we were fishing) caught up with us so we didn’t cover much water. Even with all our inaptitudes we each managed to pull out a few nice browns. I will definitely do this again soon, and hopefully I’ll have a little more courage to wander off in the dark.

Streamers of choice: Black S. Dungeon and Olive Sculpzilla

Toothy Tiger Muskies!

This year I have been throwing prototype muskie flies for Rainy's Flies which gives me the opportunity to fish many different flavors. There are a few patterns that out shine the others, and many are Nick Granato patterns. The fly pictured above is the Ghetto Tramp. Rainy's already manufactures some of his popular patterns such as El Chupacabra and Sasquatch, in many varieties, all of which I highly recommend.

If your not familiar with tiger muskie, they are a cross between a northern pike and a muskellunge. They are super aggressive fish that have an outlaw attitude to match their size and voracious teeth. Like muskellunge they are considered a "fish of a thousand casts" because of the difficulty they present while fishing. Most mornings I fish, I will have muskie after muskie follow my fly all the way to the shore and deny my offering at the very last minute. At least their alligator size keeps my interest even when few or no fish are being caught.

Fly Fishing T.V. Debut

A few months ago Justin and I had the opportunity of guiding Hooked on Utah (outdoor adventure T.V. show) on the Middle Provo. It was a cool experience, and we all had a real good time. There are four segment to watch from our trip (all below). Check them all out, and enjoy!