Fly Tying

Egan’s Frenchie Fly Pattern

If I had to fish the rest of my life with only a few fly patterns, this would definately be one of them. I catch more fish each year on this fly then on any other fly I fish. Devin Olsen of Fly Fishing Team USA introduced it to me, and due to the ease of tying and the effectivness on the stream, this is hands down one of the best flies around. Below is an instructional video on tying the Frenchie, or if you prefer to buy your flies they are available at



Iron Lotus Fly

Kohler and I fished the Middle Provo this morning, and had a lot of success. One of the key flies of the morning was the PMD Iron Lotus, a Lance Egan pattern. There is now a tutorial on tying the Iron Lotus at This fly catches fish and should be part of everyone's nymph box.