Euro Nymphing Leader Setup


Here is a basic leader setup for all European styles of nymphing. It was taught to me by my friend Devin Olsen who has proven to be one of the top competition anglers in the world. The illustration above shows a two fly rig. This can be adapted for a single fly, or for three flies by simply altering the length of your tippet. This is accomplished by extending the tippet with an additional tag for a three fly rig, or leaving the leader free of tags for a single fly rig. 

Euro Nymphing is done without splitshot or other forms of weight added to the line. Tungsten bead head nymphs, or weighted body nymphs are preferred for getting your flies in the zone where the fish are feeding. 

Sighters can be made by using hi-vis nylon such as STREN Gold, or one can be purchased at The three section straight sighter is what I prefer since it is visible in all light conditions. If blood knots are not your forte, ask your local fly shop employee to knot your sighter onto your leader. Then a small tippet ring can be tied to the opposite end of the sighter, and tippet can be added directly to the leader via the tippet ring. This will highly extend the life of your sighter, and take the blood knots out of the equation. 

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