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What if there was a clearsimple, and extremely effective pocket guide that taught the basic bugs that fish eat, and some of the most important fly patterns that mimic them?  It would need to be direct and still cover the most important principles on choosing which fly to fish in varying situation. It would have to be pocket size, of course, and inexpensive so everyone could benefit from it. 

With that in mind these Fly Fishing Reference Guides were created. They each contain details about the four major aquatic insects that fish primarily feed on; mayflies, stoneflies, caddis, and midges. Adult Aquatic Insects is a guide for dry fly fishing, while Aquatic Insects focuses on nymphs, larva, and pupa. They are specifically designed as an accordian fold pamphlet-like style to allow all four insect types to be viewed at once, thus simplifying the process of selecting the right fly for each specific situations. Fly fishermen around the country are loving this new resource that helps them catch more fish. Click below on the images for more details, and to purchase yours today, only $2.95 each! 

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  Dry Fly Fishing Guide                          Nymph Fishing Guide


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