Dry Fly Fishing Reference Guide

Dry Fly Fishing Guide

Adult Aquatic Insects is designed to introduce you to the basics of matching any hatch. This guide includes pictures and descriptions of the four major aquatic adult types, and dry flies that imitate each of them. A hatch chart is included which shows specific insect hatches for each month. As trout change their food preferences during the day, it is essential to match your fly to what they are eating. With this pocket guide you will be able to discern between the many food organisms, and know which fly to use for most fishing situations you encounter. This carry along reference guide will especially assist you when trout are being picky and hard to catch. It will be as simple as finding the key insect type they are eating, matching it to one of the four insect types presented in this guide, and tying on a fly similar to the SIZE, SHAPE, and COLOR of the natural as presented in your new carry along Fly Fishing Reference Guide to Dry Fly Fishing.


            Accordion folds to 3.5 in x 6 in                                                                                                Click here for Nymph Fishing Guide



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