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Catching Up- Lee’s Ferry, AZ

This past month I have had the chance to fish a handful of my favorite rivers; the Provo, the Logan, the Spanish Fork, and the Colorado below Glen Canyon Dam. This winter has been rather warmer than usual which has resulted in pretty good fishing in most areas. Not surprisingly the Colorado fished very well the day after Christmas, but this is usually the case since it is located in the desert and has steady water temps year round. It is always a treat to wind your way from the mountain tops near Jacob's Lake to the desert floor of Marble Canyon. Here the magnificent Colorado roars its way between Lake Powell and Lake Mead. The scenery of the river and the canyon walls is worth the drive alone. The scenery is not all this stretch of river has to offer. There is a good population of rainbow trout for miles below the dam, and although I only fish this river once a year it is always an adventure.


Fishing reports, guides, and even scientific literature all state that the majority of a trout's diets on this stretch of river is dominated by scuds, midges, and aquatic worms. With this in mind we usually start by fishing fly patterns that mimic these food sources. This year however, I decided to key in on the reactionary, opportunistic behavior of trout by drifting attractive flashy nymphs by them. These nymphs were large in size and mostly resembled mayflies in their appearance. This goes against what we are always told about the food sources of this particular river, but surprisingly these flies out produced our other more suggestive patterns (scuds worms, and midges) three to one. I'm going to keep this in mind when I fish other food specific rivers in the future.