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The Rainbow Charm

The middle Provo has been off the hook as of late, and I've had the opportunity of guiding some great people. A client, Dennis, was telling me about a rainbow he caught years ago in Montana that was etched in his memory forever. When I told him that along with brown trout, and whitefish, the middle Provo is home to a number of rainbow trout he got excited. They are the rarest catch of the three salmonids in the stream, but not impossible to come by. As we began the day I could tell that he had one species on his mind, and no matter how good of a guide I am I can't take credit for the fact that the first fish of the day was this awesome rainbow. Just Dennis' luck I guess. In appreciation of being Dennis' best rainbow to date, she (the fish) stood up on tail for the pic, and immediately after she took a bow. Just one more reason to fish the Provo, we have very talented fish here:)


Fish Early on the Provo River

I had some incredible days on the Provo this week, but one thing remained constant- the crowds were crazy! With the long runoff and delayed season it seems everyone has come out at once. Thats why I am recommending to anyone who plans on fishing any stretch of the Provo to start early and get to good water first, or your day may be spent hiking instead of fishing.

On a positive note, the river is fishing very well right now with small stones, PMDs, and caddis hatching constantly throughout the day. All hatches are in full bloom, and even if they are put to shame by the angler hatch that is ever so present right now the fishing is great.